Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Firefox Nightly Campaign

Here is the Blog for the Firefox Nightly  Mozilla Hyderabad Meetup

Amazing experience to meet the new developers from Hyderabad, most of the attendees were working professionals working at different MNC's. Very first we had introduced among ourselves and we discussed a lot about the Mozilla Hyderabad activities and Mozilla INDIA activities and then myself , Santosh and Harsha Vardhan started talking about the projects of Mozilla and how the participants can involve with the contributing team. Slowly we deviated the topic to Firefox Nightly. We asked the attendees to install the Firefox Nightly browser in the android phones as well as in their laptops. Then i Started discussing about the features of the browser and then functionalities of the browser . I have shared the presentation with the attendees and asked all the attendees to use the browser and identify the bugs. Next we discussed how to file a bug and how to report an error using Bugzilla

At last we ended up with the swag distribution


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