Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Rust Hackathon @ JNTU-K

It was a dream to give a talk in Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, were many colleges are affiliated with [including my college]. We traveled around 1200  K.M [To the Event and From the Event] but we were all ready and energetic for the Big Event named Rust Hackathon which was divided perfectly as day1 would be workshop on Rust and later Day2 was hackathon.

Ill try to keep all it simple and easy to refer :)

Day 1 :  Pleasant Morning Sunshine, people were slowly gathered in the Hall by the time we reach. We sticked to our plan and schedule to be done for the day. Everything went well and the crowd was very interactive with questions.

Schedule was:

  • Introducing to Mozilla and It's projects along with introduction of the speakers/Mozillians                                                               
  • Privacy concepts
  • Lunch
  • Basics of Rust
  • Tea Break
  • Functional Programming                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • In depth knowledge of Rust, explaining where all Rust can be used to contribute to Mozilla 
  • Intro About Hackathon 
  • Over Night Hackathon
Day 2: The people are working in the hall with there laptops and to building many innovative applications on rust which may be useful to others. Later hours the hackathon was getting into peak level and people were nervous and started off with lots of queries about building there apps [finally it looked like personal hands-on- sessions] but was fun to learn new logic's while building them. Soon after few hours from lunch, people are getting ready to show-off there applications to public . After Demo session we have given Ending Key notes with a wonderful Mozilla Video.

Schedule was:
  •      Hackathon Continues
  •      Lunch
  •      Tea Break 
  •      Hackathon Continues 
  •      Demos 
  •      Prizes 
  •      Closing Note 

Link to Event Images:


Rep: Sai Charan, Harsha
Mozillians:  Raja Sumant

hey Guyz ! back with another event but this time its all about the web development and Firefox OS, A 2 day event workshop and hackathon , is conducted at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University- Kakinada. we a team of 5 (2 reps and 3 Mozillians) have reached the venue a day before a 12 hours traveling in train and in evening spent some time at beach and then returned to the room and took rest for some time had our dinner .

Next day we have reached the university auditorium and gave introduction about Mozilla, Mozilla mission , benefits of contributing to Mozilla , products of Mozilla.and had a break and then kalyan started discussing about the privacy and explained about Mozilla Lightbeem web rtc and hello.

then we had the intro to Html & CSS & Java Script ,then we had a demo app session on building application for Firefox OS and same game application

appreciate and congratulate all the participants for their contribution towards open source - See more at:

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