Saturday, 19 March 2016

Moz Schoolz 3

Hello Folks!
Here is the blog update from the moz schoolz 3 event .

According the schedule we planned for the event we reached  the school on time and organized the event.

As there were 2 sections and there is no place in the school where these many students could accommodate so, we took same sessions for two batches, like wise before lunch and after lunch sessions.

Varun taught the students about the Computers basics and all the peripheurals of the computer and next its me (Harsha) taught the students about the Internet and given complete details of the internet the protocols and Network Sharing and the web maker tool thimble and next Kalyan taught the students about the html and CSS basics and how to start coding and structure of the basic html page.

Later we conducted the Quiz to the students on the internet and open web and given swag for the interacting students and answering students

Later we conducted the Drawing competition on the Topic Open Source all the students took part in the competition and shown their skills :), Hence the winners are awarded with the swag and certificates :)

It was a very good experience in a govt. school where there is no proper education about the computer and Internet, we feel proud and feel Honor to conduct an event in school , and students were eager to know about web technologies and Internet, and even there were asking us to take few more events in their school.

I thank Kalyan , Varun , Deepika , Pranathi , Harsha [My Self :P ] and Sai Charan for helping me in organizing such a success full event.


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