Monday, 8 December 2014

Mozilla@Google Developer Fest


My self Harsha Bandaru i have represented Mozilla Club Hyderabad in one of the famous Google events ever held DevFest is a developer event where all the people who will come from different developer communities and give talks and present about the community and whats its mission and Goal.

I have given a talk on Mozilla mission and Firefox OS , crowd had shown very much interest to know about Firefox OS, I have given a brief introduction about the Firefox OS How to develop apps for Firefox OS i.e simple Html5 coding is enough for developing Firefox OS apps and shown a demo how to create a manifest.webapp file and how to debug the app and integrate into marketpalce and how to publish the app

That was a amazing experience in DevFest 2014 ,awesome to represent Mozilla Hyderabad Community

I Thank Google for giving me such a wonderful platform to expose my self about Mozilla Community

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